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University of Gdańsk

The University of Gdańsk is the largest educational institution in the Pomerania region. 11 faculties host almost 30 000 students, doctoral students and post-graduates and 3 000 academic staff, pursuing education and research in such fields of study as biology, biotechnology, chemistry, oceanography, quantum physics, pedagogy, psychology, law and economic sciences. University of Gdańsk along with its scientific research stations (Biological Station in Górki Wschodnie and Marine Station in Hel), spreads its scientific influence from Gdańsk to the Hel Peninsula. The headquarters and 8 faculties are located at the modern Baltic Campus in Gdańsk Oliwa – adjacent to the Gdańsk’s business hub. Two smaller campuses boast of high specialisation in the following fields: economic sciences located at the Sopot Campus and marine sciences (Institute of Oceanography) located at the Gdynia Campus. The University’s infrastructure has been developed in recent years principally through financial support obtained through European Union programmes.

Faculty of Social Sciences

The building of the Faculty of Social Sciences and the Institute of Geography of the Faculty of Oceanography was open for students and researchers in 2008.
The Faculty of Social Sciences of the University of Gdańsk comprises the following Institutes: Pedagogy, Political Sciences, Psychology, as well as Philosophy, Sociology and Journalism. The building of the Faculty of Social Sciences may be proudly described as one of the most modern in Poland as it is equipped with: state-of-the-art lecture halls and teaching rooms with multi-media equipment available, specialist facilities (inter alia observation and therapeutic rooms with Venetian mirrors), radio MORS and TV studio, photography atelier. Situated at the Baltic Campus of the University of Gdańsk, it sits in close proximity to ALCHEMIA Business Centre and Olivia Business Centre, as well as one of the Rapid Urban Railway Stations (Gdańsk Uniwersytet). The Faculty of Social Sciences organizes and hosts numerous national and international conferences and scientific meetings. In the Faculty building, multiple business (e. g. practitioners’ meetings, job fairs) and cultural (temporary art exhibitions) events, as well as numerous charity fares take place.
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Gdańsk, surrounded by the Tricity Landscape Park on the outskirts and facing the sea in its northern parts, is one of the most attractive places in Poland. Its complex history with such milestones as the Hanseatic prosperous times, Teutonic Knights era, the II World War or abolition of Communism by Solidarity labor union made their mark on its diverse architecture and cultural heritage. The modern face of the city owes its shape to many local and international investments. The city, being part of the Tricity conurbation, takes advantage from the synergy effect in tourism, trade, transportation and other aspects of economy.

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10th – 12th September 2018
4th Congress of Baltic Microbiologists

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